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DeepCool's Unique Tristellar Case Available in June, Will Cost $399

This isn't the first time that we're hearing about DeepCool's Tristellar case, but in the past, we were never really sure whether it would be coming to the global market. Instead, it appeared to be used solely for one of CyberPowerPC's systems, with a slight possibility of making it onto the Chinese market. However, DeepCool has confirmed that the Tristellar will also be making it to the global market.

The case features a rather unique design. Although it's a mini-ITX unit, which is normally as compact as possible, the Tristellar is large and heavy, intended to be as striking as possible. Instead of featuring a simple boxy design, it has three different compartments, each with a different purpose – which also inspired its name, Tristellar.

One of the compartments houses the motherboard, which also has room for a 120 mm liquid cooling radiator and a small liquid loop. The graphics card is in another chamber, which can house cards up to 320 mm long and can also accommodate a 90 mm fan and three 2.5" SSDs. The graphics card connects to the motherboard by means of a ribbon PCI-E extension cable. The last chamber houses the power supply, along with up to two 3.5" hard drives and a slim-slot loading optical drive.

Do note that beyond being a rather huge mini-ITX case (395 x 435 x 388 mm), it is also heavy, weighing 16 kg when empty. This weight comes primarily from the steel panels, which are 0.6 mm thick and slide over each of the compartments to seal off the contraption.

Front I/O consists of two USB 3.0 ports and the standard set of HD audio ports.

All things considered, despite its impractical appearance, the case won't be very hard to build with. Each chamber is easily accessible by removing the covers, and from there you have all the space you need to work. Of course, you won't be taking this case to LAN parties (unless you're the Hulk), but it will certainly draw attention to itself when you have guests over.

DeepCool revealed that the case would be available in June, with pricing at $399.99. That's not quite what you'd call budget-friendly, but this is a very unique case, after all.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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