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How To Add Front - Mounted Ports To Your Case

Enermax EN-006-TM1 - Multifunction Transfer Panel, Continued

The cables included with the EN-006-TM1 are only 36 inches long, which is sufficient for most installations; however the EN-006-TM1 manual does not include any pin out information, such as, for example, what to do if you want to connect the USB cables to a internal USB connection on the motherboard. Upon close inspection, it does appear that Enermax tried to stick with fairly standard cables for use with the EN-006-TM1, but finding the correct cable in the correct length might present some challenges.

The 36" cables that are included with the EN-006-TM1 are standard in many ways, but the lack of pin out information can cause you problems if you want to take advantage of internal ports that are on your motherboard. You will have to make some modifications to the included cables and connectors.

With a cable length of just 36 inches, you might have some problems installing the EN-006-TM1 in a full tower configuration, where longer cables are very helpful. If you are planning to route the cables within your case and need more cable length to do so, you are on your own. We encourage Enermax to update the manual, or to make the pin out information available to users who have the need for such information.

When taking a close look at the internal connections on the EN-006-TM1, it is good to see that Enermax used connectors that are oriented in such a way that it is difficult to plug the cables into the EN-006-TM1 the wrong way.

We found the design and construction of the EN-006-TM1 to be first rate. The EN-006-TM1 is able to handle rails with no problem, and this is something that we cannot say about other devices in this class. The unit, when mounted in a case using rails, is rock solid and shows no movement, even with the most aggressive of cable connections.

The sturdy 5.25" frame that surrounds the EN-006-TM1 uses easy-to-mount rails, which is a welcome relief from other bay devices that don't provide a good way to mount the device in the drive bay using rails. Although some cases no longer use rails, many of the higher end cases still do, thus, it is important for manufacturers to take this fact into consideration when designing these devices.

The included, battery-powered Temperature Display indicates the inside-case temperature reading in Celsius only. The button-style battery in the EN-006-TM1 is fairly easy to change. After disconnecting and removing the unit, all you have to do is slide off the battery back on the temperature display unit and replace the battery. We examined the accuracy of the temperature display on the EN-006-TM1 by comparing it with the reading from our Raytech that we use here in the lab. We found that the EN-006-TM1 was within a couple of degrees (plus or minus) of our readings. We considered its performance about what would be expected for a temperature device of this type.