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Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 Review: Improving On A Classic Case

Installing Optical Drives

Fractal Design's Arc Midi R2 has two 5.25” bays. Their front covers need to be pushed out of the case from the inside before they can be used. The bottom one is also obstructed by an internal metal cover that has to be broken off (though you can reattach it with screws if you need to). Cables from the front-panel I/O don't get in the way of the uppermost optical drive bay.

The optical drives are attached with two thumb screws on each side. This isn’t as quick as the toolless tension mechanisms, but it does provide a more secure and stable hold. Chalk this up to an advantage favoring Fractal Design. After all, how many people switch out their optical drives on a regular basis and truly need fast access to their 5.25" devices?