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Nvidia Titan RTX Review: Gaming, Training, Inferencing, Pro Viz, Oh My!

Temperatures and Fan Speeds

SPECviewperf 13

The SPECviewperf 13 benchmark doesn’t apply constant stress to Titan RTX, so fan speeds rise and fall throughout the run in response to thermal load. It’s clear, however, that Nvidia’s axial fans spin much slower than its blower-style coolers, even on a higher-power card.

In comparison, Titan V ramps up quickly to keep up with heat generated by this workstation-class benchmark. Titan Xp chases close behind.

Temperatures fluctuate as SPECviewperf spins each dataset up and down. But as a general trend, the massive GV100 processor runs hottest, followed by Titan Xp’s GP102. TU102, despite its size, is kept relatively cool by dual axial fans and a beefy vapor chamber cooler.

More so than Titan V or Titan Xp, Titan RTX spends a lot of time jumping between power states, depending on its load.


FurMark’s intensity doesn’t faze Titan RTX. A smooth ramp up to about 2,250 RPM is much more graceful than Titan Xp’s sharper rise to 2,500 RPM. Titan V settles around 2,700 RPM as it struggles to keep GV100 cool enough.

Although Titan V never hits its 91°C thermal threshold, it still runs hotter than either GP102 or TU102. The former’s maximum GPU temperature is 94°C, while the latter is rated at up to 89°C. With that said, Titan RTX peaks at a mere 80°.

Titan V maintains a steady 1,200 MHz at its 0.712V, obeying its rated base frequency.

Meanwhile, Titan RTX oscillates between 1,365 and 1,380 MHZ at roughly 0.737V, keeping its nose just above Nvidia’s 1,350 MHz base clock rate.

Titan Xp bounces around as well, but generally hovers in the 1,300 MHz range at 0.768V. That makes it the only Titan card to violate Nvidia’s base frequency specification (it shouldn’t drop below 1,404 MHz).

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