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NZXT Phantom 820 Case Review: Conceptualized By Enthusiasts

Factory-Installed Lighting

We don’t encounter many cases that include full lighting solutions preinstalled from the factory, but NZXT goes the extra mile to arm its Phantom 820 with one LED light strip inside the case and two on the top. They're all connected to an RGB color controller, accessible right above the top 5.25" drive bay. Each strip can be configured independently using different display programs.

The lighting looks very nice in the dark, but is muffled a bit by the fact that the side-panel cut-out is so small.

There's a white LED on the back of the Phantom 820 that can be turned on and off using the lighting control panel. This is a first for us, but we love the idea. Many, many times we've been behind our systems, under a desk with a flashlight, trying to figure out which 1/8" audio jack was which for a headset. The bright light undoubtedly came from someone who was in the same situation.