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PSU Roundup: Performance, Price, Efficiency


The Dragon Force’s efficiency is very high relative to its price. At mid-load, the power supply has an excellent efficiency of almost 88 percent. This drops to 84 percent at maximum load, but even under low load the DF-530GT gets a good result of 85.5 percent.

The Dragon Force also does well in the Low-Power PC Test. Its efficiency drops to 76 percent at a 35-watt load, but that’s still extremely high compared with competitors.

In standby mode without load, we measured 1.14 watts out of the socket. Here, some competitors consume significantly less. At standby load it consumes about 4.86 watts, an efficiency of 51 percent. At this level, the power supply is in the middle of the pack.

Dragon Force DF-530GT

Straightforward power supply without special features for an inexpensive price.

  • Positives
  • Negatives
  • Very low price
  • No cable managementShort cables with few sockets