PSU Roundup: Performance, Price, Efficiency

It’s been a while since our last large power supply test. Nowadays, almost all manufacturers label their power supplies with the 80 PLUS logo (for more information on 80 PLUS and what the branding actually means, check out the organization’s site. Energy efficiency has become essential to both vendors and users.

But other characteristics also play a more critical role now. Today’s power supplies include more flexibility than ever before. In addition to the familiar fan control, power consumption display, and cable management system, you’ll sometimes find USB ports and chic accessory bags. But what features—and what fundamental specifications—do you really need ?

Our German lab recently tested 10 current mainstream power supplies with power delivery of up to 700 watts. In part one (this one) we introduce the first five products. Look for part two shortly, when we’ll discuss the next five.

ManufacturerPower Supply
Cooler Master Silent Pro M500
Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W
Silverstone SST-ST70F Strider
Antec Signature
Dragon Force DF-530GT

In part two, we test the following products :

Manufacturer Power Supply
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 W
Hiper Type R MK2 680 W
Enermax Modu 82+
Fortron FSP Everest 600 W
Tagen TG680 U33II
Corsair HX 520W