EVGA Announces 6 GB GeForce GTX 780 Graphics Cards

EVGA has announced that it is expanding its lineup of GTX 780 graphics cards, which because the GTX 780 has been on the market for quite a while now, may come as a surprise. Fortunately, the change that's incoming is actually a rather notable one – namely that the company is building 6 GB variants of the GTX 780 card.

The cards will come in a number of different versions, including a model with Nvidia's NVTTM cooler, as well as a model with EVGA's own ACX cooler.

Beyond the doubled frame buffer, these graphics cards won't feature any further changes.

EVGA has also announced that it will be running its "90-day Step-Up" program. The idea behind this program is that if you bought your current EVGA-made graphics card within 90 days of the step-up program starting, you can upgrade your card to a GTX 780 6 GB by trading in your 'old' card.

Pricing of the 6 GB GTX 780 cards will start at $550, with availability scheduled for somewhere in the next few weeks.

We can also expect to see 6 GB variants of the GTX 780 Ti arrive soon, though it isn't clear yet when those are coming.

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  • dovah-chan
    sorta almost defeats the entire purpose of purchasing a titan except for the compute capabilities but even so the titan really is marketed more towards a gaming audience so adding 6GB variants of the 780 and its bigger Ti cousin seems a bit unnecessary and may lower titan and even the new titan black sales. Unless you count that all 780 Ti's have locked voltage and little overclocking headroom if none at all then maybe but still I suspect the 780 Ti and titan black to have similar gaming performance on 1440p and maybe even an eyefinity set up.
  • XGrabMyY
    Why not a 6GB 780Ti?
  • toddybody
    Will definitely be taking advantage of this..."Pricing of the 6 GB GTX 780 cards will start at $550". Bought my 780's for 499.99, at 50.00 each I get an extra 3GB of VRAM? Awesome