Samsung Delays Nvidia Ion Netbook For Win 7

We recently learned that Lenovo is delaying its Nvidia Ion-based Ideapad S12 until the release of Windows 7, as the company believes that the new OS will better take advantage of the multimedia-centric hardware.

It seems that Lenovo isn't the only one with an Ion system waiting in the wings with that line of thinking. A Samsung representative told Laptop Magazine that it too will be holding back the release of its own Ion-based N510 netbook until it can ship with Windows 7.

This delay, like it does for the Lenovo S12, could throw a monkey wrench into the plans of students who want to buy one of these fancy netbooks during the back to school season. Of course, this also could give Samsung to find savings in costs so that it might possibly not have to launch at the questionable $599 it is presently expected to.

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  • Burodsx
    Considering how many people have given up hope on Vista -- I would say waiting for Windows 7 is the right thing to do.
  • Nik_I
    i don't know why anyone would buy a netbook for $599. for that price you could get a far better "regular" laptop. But I guess some people will pay anything for portability.
  • domenic
    I don't see the point either. A netbook with enhanced graphics. Defeats the purpose of a "netbook" - which is a cheap laptop.