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Image Quality NVidia RIVA 128 Cards

3D Accelerator Review Step One - 3D Performance, the Real Deal

NVidia's RIVA 128 is not famous for highest image quality and I am sure that you can see the reason why. The waterfall is not filtered as fine as in the reference picture below and the sky and clouds don't look as good as on the Voodoo either. However, the RIVA doesn't seem to lack of any particular feature when running Turok, it just doesn't look quite as good as it could. At least you get a fair trade off here, since the RIVA may not be the most beautiful, but the fastest at Direct3D.

Reference Picture

The above is the ideal picture, produced by a 3Dfx Voodoo card under Glide engine.

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    Anonymous , January 18, 2012 10:58 PM
    LOL I can't believe I'm reading an article from 1998.