3D Accelerator Review Step One - 3D Performance, the Real Deal

Image Quality ATI Rage Pro

Running Turok with ATI Rage Pro cards under the Direct3D engine is only for forgivable people, but a little bit faster than under the Rage Pro engine. However please look at the sky and the artifacts at the rock on the right. You can't really play with this engine. I just wonder what's wrong with the Rage Pro's Direct3D interface. It can't be Turok, because otherwise an unknown card as the SiS6326 wouldn't look as good as it does under Direct3D. The statement that the Rage Pro runs every Direct3D game is simply wrong.

Even the image quality produced under Turok's special Rage Pro engine is simply bad. As addition to this, the frame rate is bad too.

Reference Picture

The above is the ideal picture, produced by a 3Dfx Voodoo card under Glide engine.