3D Accelerator Review Step One - 3D Performance, the Real Deal

CPU Scaling Of 3D Graphic Chips - 3Dfx Voodoo

A normal Voodoo card like the excellent Pure3D from Canopus only shows a pretty small increase in Turok frame rate from a system with a Pentium MMX 200 to a system with a Pentium II 300. In GLQuake and Quake 2 the story is a lot different, there are still enough reserves within the Voodoo to make owners of the new Deschutes still happy.

Things are a little bit different with Quantum3D's Killer board Obsidian 100SB. It uses double the chips of a normal Voodoo card and lot of more RAM, the 100SB 4440 uses even another couple of Texelfx chips more. This card is still craving for CPU performance and the Pentium II 300 makes it glow but not shine yet. The Obsidian has one big let down, which is its price and the Voodoo 2 that is turning up on the horizon. If you don't mind around 700 bucks for a 4400 or even more for a 4440, go and get this card in your system, it rocks big time.