3D Accelerator Review Step One - 3D Performance, the Real Deal

GLQuake BIGASS1 Benchmark - Pentium II 300 MHz

The results of the high end system start off as in the Turok benchmark. Obsidian rulez !!! An amazing 60 fps with the 2 TMU version of the 100SB in bigass1 is actually equivalent to 94 fps in demo2. You can see that the cheaper version 100SB 4400 with only 16 instead of 24 MB is still worth the investment, 51.4 fps are still way ahead of the competition. After that the field is lead by the normal Voodoo cards, what else? The PowerVR in Videologic's Apocalypse 3Dx is actually performing quite impressively here at place 5, but let's not forget that the PowerVR GL engine does not support the lighting effects in Quake. Right behind the PowerVR there's Rendition's Verite 2x00 family again, first the overclocked Thriller 3D, then the default Thriller 3D and just as fast the overclocked Stealth II. It's impressive that the Verite 2x00 could even beat the two Voodoo rush cards, which pretty much close the field if we are talking of playability. 20 fps should be the limit. The RIVA cards as well as the Permedia 2 cards are showing some considerable performance, but I wouldn't want to Quake death matches on the net with these cards. I actually included the Elsa Winner/Office only due to a little trick, because the Win95 driver comes without any OpenGL support. I installed the Fire GL 1000 Pro driver first and then installed the Elsa driver on top of it. This way the Winner can use the Permedia 2 OpenGL driver of the Fire GL 1000 Pro.