3D Accelerator Review Step One - 3D Performance, the Real Deal

Quake II Timedemo Demo1 Benchmark, Continued

The results are pretty much the same as in the Quake Bigass1 Benchmark, with the only difference that cards with Rendition's Verite 2x00 chip are performing even better here. You can see here also how with decreasing CPU 3D power the Rendition V2x00 and the Voodoo Rush cards are moving up and the Apocalypse 3Dx is moving down the chart. There shouldn't be any doubt about it that Quake II is pretty much unplayable with a 6x86MX unless you can put up with less than 20 fps or run it at a lower resolution. The conclusions for Quake II are the same as in the bigass1 benchmark. Take Voodoo or get Verite 2x00, consider Voodoo Rush for less powerful systems and leave the rest, basta.