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Crysis: Testing Native 64-Bit Performance

Gaming In 64-Bit: Tom's Tests, Microsoft Weighs In

Yes, we know that this horse is getting long in the tooth. But Crysis still presents a challenge to the fastest systems available. And it is one of the only metrics available with a native 64-bit executable to test against a 32-bit version.

For all intents and purposes, there is very little difference in performance here, save the 32-bit version of the game running a hair faster at 1920x1200. Otherwise, the scores are remarkably close.

We really shouldn’t be surprised here. As Microsoft’s Walbourn mentioned, there weren’t really any specific optimizations made to improve performance in 64-bit. More interesting is the fact that moving from 3 GB of memory to 6 GB makes absolutely no difference in frame rate.

Perhaps RAM has more of an effect on frame rate minimums. Let’s check that out using World in Conflict next.

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