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Overclocking - AMD OverDrive Not Yet Mature

AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition: New Hope?

Theoretically, one would expect that software written by AMD specifically for the Phenom processor should work without any problems. However, during testing we realized that the OverDrive utility is not yet technically mature; it is still plagued by many problems.

In some cases, a version offered directly by the motherboard manufacturer for a certain motherboard caused the system to crash as soon as we attempted to overclock it. In the case of our MSI board, the utility gave us an error message telling us it had failed to find an AMD processor in the system.

Let us describe to you a scenario we encountered that is a perfect example of why AMD OverDrive is not yet suitable for overclocking. First, you have to choose the menu entry "Advanced mode" from within the "Preference" submenu in order to enable the feature that lets you change the multiplier. The tool will respond by displaying a warning that your system may become unstable if you change any settings.

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