AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition: New Hope?

Phenom 9600 Black Edition

Aside from the unlocked multiplier, the Phenom 9600 Black Edition is identical to the plain vanilla Phenom 9600. It runs at a default clock speed of 2.3 GHz. So far, AMD has made no other changes to the Phenom.

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Phenom Models - Technical Data
Phenom 99002.60 GHz512 kB2 MBx13125 W
Phenom 97002.40 GHz512 kB2 MBx12125 W
Phenom 9600 BE2.30 GHz512 kB2 MBx11.595 W
Phenom 96002.30 GHz512 kB2 MBx11.595 W
Phenom 95002.20 GHz512 kB2 MBx1195 W

  • ShadowKai
    I think on page 14 the author meant:

    "When Cool'n'Quiet is deactivated, idle power consumption rises to 51 watts. The jump in power consumption at 2.70 GHz is a direct result of the core voltage increase from 1.250 V to 1.400 V."

    And the bars for Phenom 9600 BE and Phenom 9600 BE (CnC) should be switched around.
  • I think it's also important to mention the fact that Vista SP1 includes it's OWN TLB fix which overrides the bios setting of many boards. I used an app that works in conjunction with Crystal CPUID to change the MSR directly to deactivate this secondary TLB fix. It caused a dramatic improvement in performance; the quick and simple WinRAR bench went from 232 to ~1300 after the fix. Just think it's worth mentioning!
  • I think I may have found a new problem with this bug. I have a Phenom X4 9600, and have tried two different motherboards. The problem occurs when running Windows 7. BSOD with a message stating that the operating system did not receive an clock interupt signal from the second processor. At first I thought it was a bios problem, but have since had to replace the motherboard. Tried Windows 7 again after replacing the motherboard and still having the same problem.