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Better Gaming: Infinity Blade And Real Racing 2 HD

Apple's iPad 2 Review: Tom's Goes Down The Tablet Rabbit Hole

There are two games specifically optimized to take advantage of the iPad 2's hardware. Infinity Blade is one of the most popular iPad games, and it's the first mobile game powered by Epic's third-generation Unreal Engine. This game comes straight from the company's studio, Chair Entertainment, which states:

One of the most popular gaming apps released to date, the ground-breaking Infinity Blade will be updated tomorrow with new optimizations specifically for iPad 2. Taking advantage of the processing power of iPad 2, Infinity Blade looks and plays better than ever and is the ultimate "show off your iPad 2's graphics prowess" app.

The difference in actual gameplay is much more significant than what a single screenshot can convey, but the iPad 2 clearly enjoys less aliasing, while we also see more complex geometry. Click on the images to see the full gallery for yourself. There is more detail in every scene, especially those with lots of lighting. We also noticed that gameplay is smoother on the iPad 2, whereas some scenes seemed to stutter on the original iPad.

Infinity Blade: iPadInfinity Blade: iPad

Infinity Blade: iPad 2Infinity Blade: iPad 2

Next up, Real Racing 2 HD is a continuation of a popular racing series from the Australian developer Firemint. According to the company:

For iPad 2, full-screen anti-aliasing, fully-modeled vehicle interiors visible through translucent windows, high-detail objects and surfaces and enhanced reflections

The difference is immediately noticeable when you open up the game. With the iPad 2, edges are fully anti-aliased, while reflections bounce off the surface of our 2010 Volvo C30 R-Design. Like Infinity Blade, gameplay is much smoother. There are no skipped frames or stutters.

Real Racing 2 HD: iPadReal Racing 2 HD: iPad

Notice that the scenes are slightly different. Developers that optimize games specifically for the iPad 2 execute an additional code path. In the case of Firemint, the company has two different schemes for background detail. Only on the iPad 2 can we see flags above the race track's observation building.

Real Racing 2 HD: iPad 2Real Racing 2 HD: iPad 2

There are a lot more differences in Real Racing 2 HD than Infinity Blade. Thanks to more powerful graphics processing, there are enhanced scenes on the iPad 2 that you don't see on the iPad.

Racing Intro: iPadRacing Intro: iPad

Racing Intro: iPad 2Racing Intro: iPad 2

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