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Power, Heat, And Efficiency

X58 On A Budget: Seven Sub-$200 Core i7 Boards

Lacking Intel Turbo Boost technology support and handicapped in overclocking by a “sagging” VRM, Jetway’s BI-600 came out on top of our power consumption test.

Gigabyte kept the coolest VRM, though the only really warm models were the ECS X58B-A and ASRock X58 Extreme.

Because efficiency is a measure of work per unit of energy, an average performance value is required before average efficiency can be calculated. Gigabyte leads in overall performance in spite of its 0.25% under-spec CPU Bclik, while Asus falls to second place in spite of its 0.20% overclock. ASRock was the worst offender with a 0.425% overclock, yet falls to third place in overall performance.

Jetway’s extra-low power consumption gives the BI-600 an efficiency lead in spite of its performance deficit.

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