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Business Computing - Page 3


Business computing encompasses hardware from servers to business-oriented laptops, and software from cloud-based enterprise solutions to small office suites. Tom's Hardware has the reviews and news to keep your business relevant.

news - MAY 2 7

Who's keeping Big Brother at bay?

news - MAY 2 7

Philip Carmack is moving on to another company, and Deepu Talla is moving up to fill his shoes.

news - MAY 2 10

The folks at IBM research have been busy manipulating atoms to make a stop-motion movie.

news - MAY 1 0

Corsair has clarified that Francisco Partners will not be acquiring Corsair, but will instead invest $75 million making it a shareholder.

news - MAY 1 2

Best Buy is pulling out of Europe.

news - MAY 1 4

A technical look at how GPUs can aid visual effects.

news - APRIL 28 10

To comply with Crucial’s IP rights over the “Dominator” name, EK-RAM has renamed its RAM products to “EK-RAM Monarch.”

news - APRIL 26 1

Through joint company collaboration, Intel’s 910 Series Solid State Drives have received VMware certification.

news - APRIL 26 4

The Elite Display is a business-oriented monitor with a 23" LED backlit display and a native resolution of 1920 x 1080.

news - APRIL 25 6

Biostar may have revealed that AMD will be releasing four business class "Richland" APUs in June 2013.

news - APRIL 25 0

Interested parties have one month to offer their comments.

news - APRIL 25 11

Phillips has rolled out two almost identical 29" AH-IPS W-LED 21:9 monitors.

news - APRIL 25 10

NEC is rolling out its 24" AH-IPS 16:10 MultiSync P242W monitor.

news - APRIL 24 9

AMD’s new Embedded G-Series SoC Platform features its next generation “Jaguar” CPU architecture, Radeon HD 8000 graphics and is advertised as offering “exceptional performance with shared resources to...

news - APRIL 24 21

Something for the rumor mill to chew on.

news - APRIL 24 2

Expects steady growth through to the end of the year.

news - APRIL 23 11

Peter Klein is leaving Microsoft to spend time with his other family.

news - APRIL 23 0

The eBOX 730-860-FL is a durable embedded system with isolated COM ports and support for an Intel Core i7 processor.

news - APRIL 23 5

That should make a dent in Google's bottom line.

news - APRIL 23 12

WD has released a number of new SAS enterprise class 10K RPM drives.

news - APRIL 22 22

If you put off your upgrade plans following the 2011 Thailand Floods, now is a great time to consider expanding your computer or network's storage capabilities.

news - APRIL 20 5

The Axiomtek MANO873 Mini-ITX motherboard features an Intel LGA1155 socket, Q77 Express chipset and support for up to 16 GB of RAM.

news - APRIL 20 17

Apple's Koduri and Keller are together again, only this time under AMD's roof.

news - APRIL 20 0

Blackstone has taken itself out of the running for a Dell acquisition.

news - APRIL 19 19

Google's picking up where Provo left off.

news - APRIL 19 8

iPad mini shipments are dropping up to 30-percent, possibly due to customers holding off for the next version.