Chinese retailer lists $139 'Thor Darth Vader' 2K IPS monitor - looks nothing like Thor or Darth Vader

Thor Darth Vader ZQ27F180 Monitor
(Image credit: JD China`)

A company called ThunderRobot has released a new 1440p 27-inch monitor which is named a crossover between two universes. The Thor Darth Vader ZQ27F180 is a 27-inch 2K monitor with a 180 Hz refresh rate and 8-bit+ FRC colour depth. While the specifications aren't something to write home about, the price is set at 999 Yuan, which is US$ 139. 

It is highly likely that the trademark names are not officially licensed, unlike  Evangelion-themed components from MSI and Asus. Asus' also released the ROG Maximus Z790 Hero EVA-02 Edition motherboard with a typo which could make it a unique collector's item

Aesthetically, this monitor doesn't look as if it is designed in honour of Thor or anything close to Darth Vader. We can't see Mjolnir or a chest plate with flashing LEDs and dials. Based on the lack of license, it is safe to say this monitor is solely destined for the Chinese domestic market and not for our list of the best gaming monitors.

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Thor Darth Vader ZQ27F180 IPS Monitor Specifications
Resolution2560 x 1440
Screen Size27 Inches
Contrast Ratio1200:1
Brightness 450 nits
Response Time1 Ms Grey-to-grey
Product Size614 x 208 x 455mm
Power supply typeBuilt-in power supply
Product Weight4.7kg
VESA Mounting75 x 75

While the pricing may look tempting for its specifications, for those of us outside of China, importing a monitor comes at the cost of shipping, taxes and the possibility of little or no warranty. There is also a greater risk of the monitor arriving damaged or broken. 

Furthermore, some listings tend to omit certain details from its specifications. Details such as the HDMI/ DisplayPort version and power adapter supports dynamic voltage switching between AC110v to AC220v. This screen does support G-Sync and Freesync options, though it's likely the basic version of the technology.

1440P 2K Monitors: The Sweet Spot for Gamers, Oversaturated Market for Monitor Makers

For many, a 16:9 27-inch QHD monitor is the sweet spot in terms of a price and resolution. Many brands actively compete to get a good share of this segment of the market and this means that they introduce plenty of models. In comparison, you get good deals on 27-inch 1440p monitors quite regularly if you are on the lookout.

Many monitors are either VA or IPS panels, though some use mini LED with similar specs for a decent price. As for this monitor, one will never know if this would be picked as a rock-solid deal in the domestic market, or be lost to the dark side due to the oversaturation in the monitor market. 

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