Dell's 27-inch curved S2722DGM gaming monitor is back down to just $249

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Save $50 off the regular MSRP of Dell's S2722DGM 27-inch gaming monitor at Dell - now on sale for just $249.  For just under $250, you can walk away with one of the best gaming monitors that comes with a host of decent specs. First off, the Dell S2722DGM sports a 2560 x 1440 pixel QHD resolution, and second, the immersion experience is enhanced thanks to a 1500R curved VA panel, this gaming monitor could make a great addition to any fledgling gaming setup.

Yes, some people aren't fans of VA panels due to decreased viewing angles and a perceived proclivity that all VA panels experience extreme ghosting in fast-paced gaming such as first-person shooters (although this can be an issue on some VA panels). The benefits of VA panels also include excellent contrast and blacks for a fraction of the price of an OLED screen. This is where the Dell S2722DGM performs well with up to 111.8 percent of the sRGB color gamut plus a slightly less impressive 75 percent of DCI-P3 on our colorimeter tests, and a strong 2536:1 contrast ratio. 

Dell S2722DGM 27-inch Curved Monitor: now $249 at Dell 

Dell S2722DGM 27-inch Curved Monitor: now $249 at Dell (was $299)
A popular choice for a gaming monitor, the Dell S2722DGM comes with a high 165Hz refresh rate when connected via DisplayPort, has Freesync Premium, and sports an aggressive 1500R curve for extra gaming immersion and glare/reflection reduction.

See our review of the Dell S2722DGM for more details on this 27-inch curved gaming monitor.

When we reviewed the Dell S2722DGM, we praised the monitor for its strong color saturation and excellent contrast, premium quality video processing, accuracy after calibration, along with great build quality. Whilst benchmarking the S2722DGM, our light meter tests also returned a strong peak brightness of 350 nits, which is brilliant for providing vibrant images, especially in well-lit rooms. This monitor does not support HDR content though, so if that's important to you then this is not the monitor to choose. But, at this price, it's a brilliant second monitor or a cheap start to a new gaming setup.

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