Acer's Expansive 34-Inch 1440p 100Hz Superwide Monitor Is $120 off at Just $380

Acer ED347CKR
(Image credit: Acer)

It wasn't all that long ago that a 1440p 34-inch ultrawide monitor with a triple-digit refresh rate was distinctly exotic. Now you can have all of that in the Acer ED347CKR for just $380 from Newegg. What a deal.

Clocking in  at 100Hz, the Acer ED347CKR isn't quite as speedy as the 144Hz gang that now dominates the gaming monitor market. But it's still a very worthwhile upgrade on the 60Hz PC monitor norm.

In terms of panel technology, we're talking VA which is promising in terms of color saturation and contrast, if slightly less so for pixel response. Still, Acer quotes the ED347CKR at 4ms for pixel response, so it's certainly no slouch.


Acer ED347CKR: Now $380, was $499

Acer ED347CKR: Now $380, was $499
Complete with a crisp 34” curved VA panel, 1440p resolution, and FreeSync this screen is a bargain at this price point. Don't forget to use the promo code 2TECHTA24 at checkout. 


Features & Usability

As for other specifics, the 1440p res makes for 3,440 by 1,440 pixels, AMD FreeSync adaptive refresh is included (meaning Nvidia G-SYNC support as well) and your main input options are DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort, though you'll need to use the latter to unlock the Acer ED347CKR's full feature set.

Oh, and VESA mount support is also part of the overall package, although the stand does include tilt, height and swivel adjustment. Also note, to get the $379.99 price you must enter the promo code "2TECHTA24" as listed on the Newegg product page.

If the Acer ED347CKR doesn't quite push your button or you just miss out on this deal, check out the rest of our gaming monitor deals.

  • punkncat
    I saw this rather compelling deal on Newegg yesterday. I noted after reading through the reviews that there is some concern about various features, particularly related to sound. Most of the positive ones gave the stipulation of "good for the price".