Aerocool Revealed New AIO Cooler, Fan, Fan Hub At Computex

In addition to new cases and an RGB gaming chair, Aerocool showed off  a new 240mm all-in-one cooler, fan, and fan hub at Computex 2017. That may not sound very exciting, but the company has added a few noteworthy features to help set this product line apart from other cooling products.

Although the P7-L240 all-in-one cooler may look like just another 240mm closed-loop water cooler, this cooler features a patent-pending automatic pressure valve that releases system pressure through an opening on the radiator. Aerocool claims its AVP technology boosts overall efficiency and improved safety. The P7-L240 is equipped with two P7-F12 120mm fans (more on those in a minute) and features a clear RGB-lit water block / pump assembly that can be controlled through RGB compatible motherboards. Pricing was not available, but a company representative did say the P7-L240 should debut alongside its case offering in August.

The P7-F12 fans measure 120 x 120 x 25mm and are capable of moving 45.8CFM at 1,200RPM while generating only 14.5dBA. These fans feature hydraulic bearings rated at 60,000 hours mean time between failure and vibrational dampening pads in each corner. The fan’s RGB functionality is compatible with motherboards made by Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and more. Unlike many RGB fans, illumination emanates from six RGB LEDs installed in the middle of the fan instead of the more traditional frame mount style. The fan blades on the P7-F12 can be easily be removed by pushing down on the center of the fan. As you can imagine, this makes cleaning and maintenance much easier. These fans are sold individually or with the P7-H1 fan hub as part of a kit. Pricing for individual fans will be $18 in August.

That brings us to the P7-H1 fan hub. The P7-H1 can control up to five fans (4-pin or 3-pin) simultaneously using Aerocool's software or motherboards that employ the use of industry standard RGB compatible headers. This fan hub allows you to connect up to eight individual hubs to a single motherboard. The P7-H1 is equipped with five 4-pin PWM fan connectors, two RGB headers and a single USB 2.0 port, one 4-pin PWM header, and a single 2-pin Molex. No price was given for the P7-H1 by itself, but the company did say the P7-F12 Pro kit (hub + 3 fans) will retail for $60 when it hits the market in August.