Upgrade to a 144 Hz Gaming Monitor for $150

AOC C24G1 Monitor
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Right now, I’m typing this post on a 1080p @ 144Hz monitor that cost me $300 when I bought it back in 2016, and while the price has fallen somewhat on displays like this over the years, it’s still difficult to find them below $200. That’s where the AOC C24G1 monitor comes in. Currently on sale for $144.99 on Amazon (down from $179.99), it’ll give you FHD gaming at 144 fps for a fraction of the best monitors from bigger brands.

The AOC24G1 Gaming Monitor is a curved 24 inch monitor with a max 1920 x 1080 resolution and a max 144Hz refresh rate. It has a 1500R curvature, is Freesync compatible and uses a VA panel with a 1 ms refresh rate. It can also connect to a 100 x 100 VESA mount and has ports for HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA. 

was $179.99 now $149.99 on Amazon

Deals Block: AOC24G1 Gaming Monitor: was $179.99 now $149.99 on Amazon

The AOC24G1 Gaming Monitor is an FHD display with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1500R curvature. It is Freesync compatible, has a 1 ms refresh rate, and is geared towards competitive games like League of Legends

The idea here is to give esports and competitive game enthusiasts access to higher refresh rates than competition without charging a premium. That means a standard resolution, but if your focus is on speed over fidelity and you haven’t yet seen frame rates over the usual 60 fps, this monitor deal is a great way to try them out.

Michelle Ehrhardt

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  • Math Geek
    Got one of these a month ago n freaking love it. Do yourself a favor n grab one if you're in the market!!
  • popatim
    This monitor is currently $145 !!!!!
  • Math Geek
    that's what i paid a month or so ago. hell of a deal. thinking of getting a second one just cause it's such a good deal.
  • temps89
    lol imagine thinking this is an "upgrade" ... we have virtual reality now, people...

    brb gonna go play in my Valve Index
  • Avro Arrow
    I would get one but it would be a serious step down from my 55" 4K TV. It's only 60Hz but I've had it for years and never had any picture quality issues with it and it games just fine. The reason that I'm commenting on this article is that there's a serious truth in it. There are only a few LCD panel makers on Earth like HannStar, Samsung, etc.

    As a result, brands don't matter, specs do.
  • TheOtherOne
    Only 24"? Ew! I am ok with my 60+hz 32" 1440p monitor :hello: