This Blue-Switch Mechanical Keyboard is Now Just $21

 AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard, TKL Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches
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Your keyboard is the part of your computer you interact with most, but for many people, it's still an afterthought. The basic keyboards that come bundled with most desktop PCs use rubber dome technology that's usually mushy and unpleasant. 

Ideally, every keyboard would have mechanical switches that provide good feedback, fast speeds and plenty of durability. However, you normally have to pay a lot of money to go mechanical  ($80+ for a decent keyboard) so it's understandable, though unfortunate, that many folks either stick with their  crappy pack-in keyboard or spend $10 on a rubber dome model.

Enter Aukey's mechanical keyboard, which is on sale for a mere $21 at Amazon, when you use coupon code C63C35O6 at checkout. It uses blue switches that provide a great clicky feel with audible feedback.

Aukey TKL Blue-switch Keyboard: was $28 now $21

Aukey TKL Blue-switch Keyboard: was $28 now $21
Use coupon code C63C35O6 at checkout. If you believe that real keyboards make noise, but you don't have a ton of cash, this tenkeyless model is quite the bargain. It uses Outemo Blue switches, which give it a responsive, clicky feel.

Aukey's keyboard is tenkeyless, which means that it doesn't have a numeric keypad. That makes it narrow enough to throw into a backpack so you can take it on the road with you to use with your laptop. The blue switches are made by Outemu, a very reputable manufacturer, and should have a similar feel to the popular Cherry MX blue switches.

At just $21, this  keyboard is so inexpensive that you can give it as a gift to some poor unfortunate soul who doesn't have a mechanical keyboard. Or you can use it to replace the keyboards on all the computers in your house, even on that server you never touch or your kid's PC.

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