Bundle Bonanza: AMD's Next RX 5000 Bundle Expected to Feature WoW: Shadowlands and Godfall

(Image credit: Gearbox Software)

Two days ago, we reported that the next AMD CPU bundle would include a copy of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Now, it looks like the bundle goodness isn't limited only to CPUs, as AMD will be including both Godfall and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands with its Radeon RX 5000 graphics cards, according to VideoCardz today.  

The publication didn't cite a source, but the images it provided seemed legit, and VideoCardz is typically on-point with these kinds of leaks. 

(Image credit: VideoCardz)

It's not entirely clear when the bundle will go live, but we're betting it will be around this time next week, when AMD is officially launching the Ryzen 3000XT CPUs.

The bundle will pair with all desktop-class Radeon 5000 GPUs, including the RX 5700XT, RX 5700 and RX 5600XT. The RX 5500XT will reportedly come with Godfall only

Godfall is an upcoming title to from Gearbox Software, initially landing as a PlayStation 5 and Epic Store exclusive.  A release date for the PC version hasn't been shared yet, but the game's expected to land at the end of 2020 -- so don't lose your access code if you manage to score one.

Meanwhile, there were also rumors that AMD's next Ryzen bundle would include the PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn with select Ryzen 3000 processors. But we haven't seen that come into fruition yet. 

Niels Broekhuijsen

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  • King_V
    Bundles CAN be nice - but to be honest, it's more worth it to me personally to simply have a lower price on the card, even if it's just a promotional discount.

    It's kind of hit or miss, really. When I got the RX 5700 for my son, he was definitely interested in the games available with the promotion at the time.
  • InvalidError
    King_V said:
    Bundles CAN be nice - but to be honest, it's more worth it to me personally to simply have a lower price on the card, even if it's just a promotional discount.
    Yeah, most of the time, I have zero interest in bundled games and buy based on whether the retail price is worth it for the GPU alone. The only reason I ever got Half-Life 2 and a handful of other games was because there was a Steam bundle promo at the time and I needed a new GPU after giving my 8500LE to my mother when her PC's GPU died.

    Same with my GTX1050 where there was a pick-one-of-three promo and the only title I had even a remote interest in was Redout for which I actually ended up getting a handful of DLCs at 50 80% off.

    I'm probably going to play Shadowlands, though I have no interest in getting an RX5600+ for it.
  • cryoburner
    The games in this bundle don't seem quite on the same level as some of their other recent offerings. Godfall hasn't really impressed me from the couple trailers I've seen. The environments look fairly nice, but the player character and enemies just look like generic armored things, and what has been shown of the gameplay hasn't really drawn me in either.

    And the Warcraft Shadowlands expansion is probably only really interesting to previous or current subscribers who have been playing the game for years. Being a subscription-based game, the bundled expansion comes off more as a free trial for a game that will cost $15 a month should one decide to continue playing it. There's apparently a free "starter" account option now, but from what I gather it seems rather limited in terms of content and progression.