Cooler Master Debuts Latest High Airflow ITX Chassis

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Cooler Master’s MasterCase H100 brings high airflow to the ITX form factor

This year has been a bit of a mixed bag for cases at Computex, admittedly there just hasn’t been that many launches of any stand out cases. Sure there’s been a lot of work happening in the budget area of the spectrum (and more on that soon) and there have been a few interesting new chassis launching from the likes of MSI, Lian Li and In Win, however for the big flagships from Fractal, Corsair, NZXT? Well they’re seemingly absent. Hmm well, most of it’s either hyper-conceptual, or old products that we’ve already seen from CES. That brings our attention to the small, the powerfully packed systems. Most notably, Cooler Master’s MasterCase H100.

This little beauty is based off of Cooler Master’s H series of cases, and takes that aesthetic all the way through its design, including the massive 200mm RGB fan located in its front. All in all, the design is crisp and clean, we didn’t get to have a huge amount of time to tinker around inside the case, however the product manager’s at CM did give us some good insight as to just what we can expect with this small and compact mini ITX chassis.

For one, there’s going to be two variants, the one you see here, complete with that massive 200mm intake fan, and a second launching later this year, with a 240mm AIO mount in the front too. The front panel itself is actually mesh overall currently to allow maximum airflow access to that huge CFM pumping fan, however when queried as to whether we might see that replaced with a tempered glass front (leaving the mesh on the side), Cooler Master stated it was certainly a possibility for the 240mm AIO version.

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Aside from that, the H100 can support some fairly substantial hardware, with this one packing an AMD Ryzen 7 2700, and an Asus RTX 2060. Not exactly super crazy hot parts admittedly in this test build, but still more than enough for a high powered 1080p machine, and given how close in proximity they are to that front fan, we doubt it’ll be too much of an issue. It also fits a full-size ATX power supply inside of it. What’s interesting about that, is that it actually just outs the back quite by about an inch. Not enough to detract from the look and overall design, yet enough to keep the form factor small and compact inside, and presumably provide you, the end user with more space to get your kit into this thing.

You can expect to pick up the H100 after July 7th, for less than $60.

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