Intel’s Core i7-9700K, the Best Gaming CPU, Drops to Just $299 at Best Buy

Intel Core i7-9700K
(Image credit: Intel)

Update (11/30/2019): This deal is sold out. Please check out our Cyber Monday Ryzen deals page or Cyber Monday CPU deals page for current AMD and Intel processor sales.

Without a new architecture or improved processor node on its near-term horizon, the only real way Intel can stay competitive with AMD at this point is on price. And at just $299 at Best Buy, Intel’s eight-core i7-9700K is a sweet early Black Friday CPU deal that’s tough to ignore. 

This CPU is still our pick for the best gaming CPU, and Best Buy is selling it for about $20 less than any previous price we see on PCParkPicker. If you’re gaming at high resolutions, your CPU doesn’t matter as much. But at 1080p, this chip delivers the best frame rates we tested to date. That makes it a good fit in particular if you have a high-refresh monitor and you’re looking to squeeze every frame possible from your graphics card.

Intel Core i7-9700K: was $339, now $299 @ Best Buy
With its 4.9GHz single-core boost and eight physical cores, the Core i7-9700K delivers the best frame rates of any CPU we've tested. You can grab it from Best Buy for about $40 less than its normal sale price.

 Note that the Core i7-9700K lacks hyperthreading, so the eight physical cores here are all that’s available for multitasking. So if you do a lot of video editing or other highly threaded tasks along with gaming, something like an AMD Ryzen 3600 (with six cores and 12 threads) might be a better bet. But if gaming is your primary concern, this is the best CPU you can buy --at the lowest price we’ve seen yet. 

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    350e ordered from Denmark. American prices don't have sales tax in them unlike us europeans have.