TeamGroup Launches 48GB DDR5-8000, 96GB DDR5-6800 Kits

T-Force Delta RGB
T-Force Delta RGB (Image credit: TeamGroup)

TeamGroup has launched new 48GB and 96GB memory kits to compete with the best RAM on the market. In addition, the vendor pushed the speed limits for the former and latter offerings to DDR5-8000 and DDR5-6800, respectively.

The brand's new memory kits, which feature non-binary DIMMs, cater specifically to Intel's 700- and 600-series platforms. The memory kits are designed for 12th Generation Alder Lake and 13th Generation Raptor Lake processors, two of the best CPU portfolios that have hit the retail market. The memory kits arrive with the latest XMP 3.0 standard. They should work fine with AMD's latest Ryzen 7000 processors and the corresponding AM5 platform. However, if you're looking for the best compatibility, you should probably wait for the AMD EXPO-certified versions. The AMD equivalents shouldn't take long to hit the market since the chipmaker is already working on adding support for non-binary DIMMs to the AMD motherboards.

TeamGroup has pushed the enthusiast Delta RGB DDR5 lineup with capacities up to 48GB (2x24GB). However, the memory kits are only available in a dual-channel configuration. The available data rates span from DDR5-6000 up to DDR5-8000. The vendor hasn't updated the product's website at the time of writing. According to the press release, the DDR5-7200 memory kit has 34-42-42-84 timings, while the DDR5-8000 variant has 38-48-48-84 timings.

TeamGroup's bleeding-edge DDR5-8000 48GB memory kit is just a tad below G.Skill's recently announced DDR5-8200 48GB memory kit. However, G.Skill's Trident Z5 memory does have more sloppy timings (40-52-52) when compared to the Delta RGB.

TeamGroup 48GB, 96GB DDR5 Memory Kits

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Memory LineupData RateCapacity
T-Force Delta RGB DDR5DDR5-6000, DDR5-6400, DDR5-6800, DDR5-7200, DDR5-7600, DDR5-80002 x 24GB
T-Create Expert DDR5DDR5-6000, DDR5-6400, DDR5-68004 x 24GB, 2 x 48GB

The T-Create Expert DDR5 lineup, on the other hand, does offer consumers the 96GB capacity alternative. The memory kits target content creators and professional users, after all. Moreover, the 96GB memory kits are available in dual-channel (2x48GB) and quad-channel (4x24GB) flavors. The latter would be good options for owners of Intel's latest Sapphire Rapids Xeon chips or AMD's looming Ryzen Threadripper 7000 army.

The 2x48GB memory kit arrives with DDR5-6000, DDR5-6400, and DDR5-6800 options. The T-Create Expert DDR5-6800 96GB memory kit sports 36-46-46-96 timings. On the contrary, the four-DIMM 96GB models only come in DDR5-6000 and DDR5-6400 options. Unfortunately, TeamGroup didn't demo the memory kit in the press release, so the specifications are unknown. Although non-binary DIMMs have been out for some time, Corsair is currently the only brand to sell 192GB (4x48GB) memory kits, starting with an eye-watery $724.99 price tag.

TeamGroup didn't share the pricing for the new 48GB and 96GB memory kits. However, the vendor set a launch date for May 2023, so it probably hasn't established the MSRP for the memory kits yet.

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  • thisisaname
    Assuming you can get a board and a CPU to run that fast does it add much to the performance?

    AMD talks about the AM5 socket lasting but will the first generation of boards hold back faster memory?
  • Foeke
    What would be the reasoning behind 48Gb dimms instead of 64Gb?
  • PlaneInTheSky
    Foeke said:
    What would be the reasoning behind 48Gb dimms instead of 64Gb?
    They're SK Hynix chips afaik. It's multiples of 24GB because that's the best SK Hynix could make with EUV at this point. It's just a temporary solution until manufacturers make denser chips.

    I don't really like the idea of memory sizes that aren't a power of 2. I know we always test software on systems that have a power of 2 in memory size.
  • Firestone
    Forget about speed, give me more capacity

    I want 256GB in my PC on 4 DIMM slots