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The Tom's Hardware 2017 Gift Guide

The Steam Link allows you to use your high-end gaming PC to play games in other rooms. All you need is a display, a network connection, and Steam setup on the PC.

Edifier USA e25 Luna Eclipse

Edifier's compact Luna Eclipse Bluetooth speakers come with a 3" bass driver and a 19mm tweeter on each speaker. They also contain dedicated DSP and DRC hardware to enhance audio and reduce noise. Although these speakers use Bluetooth, they are not completely wireless like many other Bluetooth speakers. They do not contain batteries, and must be connected to a power source for use. They also must be connected to each other.

Belkin 55-Piece Computer Tool Kit

This 55-piece tool kit has a wide range of tools for building a computer or working on electronics. The kit has the basic screw grabber and screw drivers that you find in essentially any tool kit, but it also has a soldering iron and wire cutters for repairing damaged electronics. There is also a small socket set, which really isn't useful for building a PC but still may come in handy.

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Prolimatech PRO-PK2-1.5G Nano Aluminum Thermal Paste

Prolimatech's Pro PK-2 is one of the most efficient thermal compounds available on the market. It is also fairly inexpensive. Most system builders have a favorite, go-to thermal paste (feel free to tell us in the comments, as always), but if your gift recipient doesn't play favorites, you can't go wrong with PK-2. If it helps them drop a few degrees on their CPU and overclock a little further, it might just be their favorite gift this year.

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Arctic Silver ArctiClean Thermal Material Remover

Removing thermal paste can be a pain. Common rubbing alcohol does the trick in a pinch, but it doesn't always get the CPU IHS completely clean. The two ArctiClean solutions, however, work in conjunction with each other to give the IHS and the base plate of your cooler a spotless mirror shine.

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Hiwill Solar Charger Power Bank

This power bank has a capacity of 12000mAh, and it can be charged by traditional USB cable or via the solar panel (1.8W) latched onto one side of the device. The power bank also doubles as an LED flashlight and is waterproof, with an IP67 rating.

Caloics Boruit LED Headlamp

Working on a PC can be challenging if it's difficult to see what you are doing, especially once you've started working inside the case. This headlamp, which obviously makes PC building a hands-free affair, can emit light at three different levels. The large LED in the center can be used by itself, or the two smaller LED lights can be used without the primary LED in the center. If you need more light, you can use all three, which emits 5,000 lumens. The headlamp's 3000mAh 18650 batteries are rechargeable and can power the headset for up to three hours.

Plextor M8Pe 256GB NVMe SSD

Plextor's M8Pe 256GB SSD can achieve 2,000 MB/s sequential reads and 1,400 MB/s sequential writes. It's capable of 280,000 random read IOPS and roughly 240,000 random write IOPS. Plextor included a heatsink with the SSD to help keep it cool, and that heatsink also gives it a more appealing look.

Genesis Heat Gun

A heat gun is your friend if you enjoy repairing portable devices, many of which come with parts—screens, rear covers, etc.—glued together. A heat gun is also an essential tool for bending those hard tubes when making custom liquid cooling loops.

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SilverStone 120mm Fan Filter And Grill

This fan filter and grille will help cut down the dust that gets into your PC while reducing heat build-up.

Michael Justin Allen Sexton is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware component news, specializing in CPUs and motherboards.