Are 17" LCDs Dead?

Spatial Uniformity

Here, the AG NEOVO / INNOLUX combination loses nothing; the panel is uniform enough, within the average range for screens of this diagonal.

AG NEOVO E17: 16 Ms On Target?

Sadly, reactivity is not the first quality of the E17. Latency does indeed hit 16 ms according to our measurements in the best cases, but here and there it's a flight of fancy. Latency climbs beyond 28 ms. We had hopes for this new panel manufacturer, pity.

In Practice

The office is the domain where the E17 is at its most comfortable. Text is sharp enough though without equaling the performance of the PM17T-S as far as this is concerned. Thanks to an adequate range of inclination adjustment, it's easy to find a comfortable working position; which owes as much to the viewing angles being wider than those of AU-Optronics panels that we've tested before.

Video games are really not the E17's strong point. Recent FPS' are playable but annoying trails are noticeable in Doom 3 and Half Life 2. Movies take a back seat as well due to video noise.


We waited a long time for this panel manufacturer, INNOLUX. Sadly, its 16 ms panel is clearly not a magic potion to cure the ills in the world of 17". The E17 is a good little monitor but for the same price you can help yourself to the PM17T-S from ASUS. In any event, it's difficult to excuse the company for its lack of reactivity.