Are 17" LCDs Dead?

Spatial Uniformity

Ditto for the spatial uniformity: it has the decency to be symmetric along the horizontal axis. As a result, you don't see too many halos during movie projection.

AG NEOVO M17: Not As Tough As It Looks

You'd expect here, "same panel, same verdict". But the M17 turns out to be a bit labored despite its ISO latency of 16 ms. Compared to the VP191b, it clearly is no match as the graph shows.

In Practice

It's in DVI mode that the M17 unveils all its potential. The improvement in clarity for office applications is glaring.

Video games feel the bite of its latency. Just like the E17, black level isn't excellent and game backgrounds such as in Doom 3 suffer a bit. Take note, it is playable but below today's standards, that's all.

The M17 pulls through a bit better in video than the E17, partly thanks to its DVI interface which cuts out the video line noise. It may not be as good as a VP191b, but it's also cheaper.


We were captivated by the M17. Its innovative design and its advanced functionality are trump cards to play against the big boys. The price of $310 euros is particularly competitive against the E17. For just a few dollars more you get a USB Hub and a DVI interface. In spite of all that, the quality of the panel remains to be perfected.