Can 19" LCDs Pass the Frag Test?

NEC's Accusync LCD92VM: Acceptable Color Rendering

Calibration of our NEC LCD92VM produced no unpleasant surprises.

This unit is clearly not in the same use category or the same price range as other monitors. For example, 85% of the colors were rendered perfectly (Delta < 1) even with the default adjustments, and that's not bad at all. Clearly there's a problem with darker shades, but that's a recurring problem with LCD panels, especially ones that use this technology.

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Black spotWhite spotContrast
0.47250531: 1

The blacks were a little too luminous. A lower value would have been preferable. The brightness of the white was also too high. Of course, visually, black will seem blacker to the user by contrast, but that's ultimately just trickery.

Unfortunately, the contrast is not as stable as it could be; if you change the brightness you'll automatically lose contrast below 35% and beyond 95%. Also, the brightness adjustment cursor is not really linear. Moving from 0% to 70% has as much of an effect as going from 70% to 100%. That makes adjustment more difficult for the user.