Can 19" LCDs Pass the Frag Test?


Gamers and DVD movie lovers will no longer be disappointed by 19" LCD monitors, vendors say. After a long wait, OEMs supposedly now offer sufficiently fast panels for monitors of this size, they say. Until now, 19" monitors were fine for office application graphics, but weren't responsive enough to reproduce animated images without much remanence. However, that has changed. The 30ms response times of the preceding generation of LCD monitors are a thing of the past, even for 19" LCDs.

While the market for 17" displays is exploding, 19" sales have lagged behind. There are many reasons for that. First, 19" LCDs are fundamentally slow, which makes them poorly suited to gaming. Then, their native resolution is the same as that of 17" units. And they're expensive. All of which means that the advantages of these monitors compared to 17" wares aren't substantial enough.

However, faster panels are now here, they're affordable and we have no fewer than six 19" LCD monitors to compare and contrast. For those of you who don't play games or watch DVDs on your computer, we've also selected two 19" monitors that are slower, but have other things going for them.