Can 19" LCDs Pass the Frag Test?

Xerox XL 795D's Top-of-the-Line Finish

Not long ago we announced that Xerox had come out with a new line of LCD monitors, including the extremely fine XL775D. Now we introduce its big brother, the XL795D. Xerox now aims at the professional rather than the consumer market with this monitor, which is slower but has very impressive viewing angles and contrast.

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Diagonal measurement19 inches
Native resolution1280 x 1024
Contrast600: 1
Luminance250 nits
Latency25 ms
Colors16.7 M
H/V viewing angles170/170
ConnectivityVGA, DVI
Average price$547

Design: Stay With A Winner

That's how you could sum up Xerox' approach to the design of its XL795D. It's nothing more or less than a scaled-up of the 17" version. And we don't see why we'd complain. The materials are of excellent quality. The 19" version has the same XShield glass plate that completely covers the surface of the monitor. The massive aluminum base provides great stability. The overall design is extra-flat and beyond reproach. This is clearly a high-end model.


The XL795D has both VGA and DVI connectivity. But that's all. For more than $500, a USB hub, for example, would have been nice. The monitor's tilt is adjustable. The range of adjustment is adequate, unlike what we noted with the 17" model. As is to be expected with such a thin panel, the transformer is separate. In short, ergonomics are not more than adequate.

There is one piece of good news, however - the OSD is the same as on the 17" model. It's both elegant and effective. Navigation through the menus is not immediate, but you get used to it, especially since the buttons are on the front. That always makes it easier. They're built into the thin tinted-aluminum strip that runs across the lower part of the panel.