Can 19" LCDs Pass the Frag Test?

BenQ FP937s' Medium Fidelity

As the results of our calibration show, the FP937s is not the most color-accurate monitor of those we tested. Even if you rule out the ones with PVA panels, the NEC LCD92VM has better color fidelity. Here, 80% of the colors were rendered perfectly. Darker colors (< 15), however, were a problem, with a Delta of above 2 before calibration. Extremely dark colors were rendered poorly before calibration, with a Delta of above 3.

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Black spotWhite spotContrast
0.51222435: 1

The black was not very deep and the brightness was a little high. They were still in the average range, however, and the white is still more tolerable than that of the LCD92VM.

On the other hand, the contrast was more stable than on the LCD92VM, which means that you can play with the ideal adjustment point (contrast=60, brightness=60, in my case) to improve the blacks a little if you're willing to sacrifice color fidelity.