8ms 19" LCDs: Speed for Gaming, but at What Cost?

Spatial Uniformity

We measured the uniformity of the panel's lighting. For those of you who aren't used to the Tom's Hardware tests, here's a recap of the method we use: We set the panel at 50% brightness and 50% contrast and measure the uniformity of the lighting on a white image separated into 64 areas of equal size. The brightest point is considered to be 100%, and the previously measured black value is considered 0%, with the other values obtained distributed between them.

Here the L90D+ confirms its capabilities as a static monitor. The image is very uniform; few monitors can boast of this level of quality. The full range of values is within a 15% band. Note that the lower part of the image is a little less bright, but fortunately that has no real effect.

So far the L90D+ has shown itself to be close to perfection as a static monitor. But if you're tempted by this 8 ms model, it's surely for other reasons. So let's see what it has under the hood in terms of speed...