8ms 19" LCDs: Speed for Gaming, but at What Cost?


It hasn't taken manufacturers long to move from 12 to 8 ms response times for 19" displays - on paper, at least. We've learned to take their optimistic interpretations of reality with a grain of salt. What remains to be seen is whether they're worth the extra dollars. Remember that on the 17" models, the improvement in response time was accompanied by a substantial reduction of viewing angles and deterioration of the color rendering. Will that also hold true for 19" models? How about video quality? We'll try to answer those questions for you...

We've selected three 8ms 19" LCD monitors: the BenQ FP937s+, the Hyundai L90D+, and the much-awaited Samsung 913N. While these monitors are theoretically already on the market, they're not yet fully available. And in fact, the BenQ is not available at all yet in the United States. However, the situation should improve quickly, and with any luck you'll soon be able to find these monitors on most e-commerce sites. Here's your chance to see what they're like without having to wait.