Can't Touch This! A Comparison of 46 CPU Coolers

Elan Vital FSCUG9C-6FC: Unsuccessful Thermal Trigger

Elan Vital FSCUG9C-6FC with an integrated, temperature-triggered fan control.

Elan Vital FSCUG9C-6FC with a solid copper plate as the CPU contact surface.

Compared to the simpler FSCUG9C, the Elan Vital FSCUG9C-6FC has an additional thermal trigger system. Its heat sink is the same as the one in the previous model, but a thermal sensor has been integrated into the copper contact surface (copper plate) in order to measure the CPU temperature and adjust the fan speed accordingly. However, the cooling performance of 51 degrees lags quite far behind expectations. The manufacturer needs to re-work this cooler. Our take on this cooler is that the technical approach is good, but it doesn't deliver the goods in practice. In terms of noise level, this Taiwanese product is relatively unobtrusive, in line with the saying, "When you're cold, you're cold. When you're not, you're - quiet!"