Over-clocking the GeForce256

The Benchmark Setup

Before looking at the benchmark scores, we expect certain performance gains from our various test settings. In particular, we anticipate the SDR GeForce to be starved for memory bandwidth at mid to high resolutions. We plan to see performance gains mainly from over-clocking the memory. As for the DDR board, we figure the memory performance should be more than enough and only core settings would alter its overall performance.

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Hardware InformationHeader Cell - Column 1
Motherboard (BIOS rev.)ABIT BX6 2.0 (BIOS date 7/13/99)
Memory128 MB Viking PC100 CAS2
NetworkNetgear FA310TX
Driver InformationRow 4 - Cell 1
NVIDIA GeForce 2564.12.01.0347
ATI Rage Fury Pro4.11.6713
NVIDIA TNT2 Series4.11.01.0208
Voodoo3 Series4.11.01.2103.03.0204
Matrox G400 Series4.11.01.1300 (5.30.007)
Environment SettingsRow 10 - Cell 1
OS VersionWindows 98 SE 4.10.2222 A
DirectX Version7.0
Quake 3 Arenav1.08command line = +set cd_nocd 1 +set s_initsound 0
Shogov2.14Advanced Settings = disable sound, disable music, disable movies, disable joysticks,enable optimized surfaces, enable triple buffering, enable single-pass multi-texturingHigh Detail Settings = enabledFortress Demo
Descent IIIRetail versionSettings = -nosound -nomusic -nonetwork -timetest
DMZGDemo VersionCommand line = -bench -tl on