Over-clocking the GeForce256

The Benchmark Results - Shogo

Shogo is a DX6-game that uses dual-texturing, some lighting and it doesn't have a high depth complexity, nor a high polygon count. It does not use GeForce's T&L-engine and you cannot switch it to 32 bit color depth.

Taking a look at the numbers you can see that the SDR GeForce lacks the memory bandwidth to keep up with its DDR big brother. Note that the SDR board gains more from boosting the memory speed than the DDR board.

Sliding the resolution up pretty high, we begin to hit the fill rate ceiling on all of the cards. Notice how well the over-clocked core speeds help frame rate, but don't overlook that memory bandwidth is also a big issue here, particularly in case of the GeForce w/SDR. The Voodoo3 based boards do not support this resolution of Shogo.