Over-clocking the GeForce256

The Benchmark Results - Quake Arena - Normal

Quake3 Test is the one of the most advanced games currently available. As an OpenGl-based game it has the chance to take advantage of GeForce's integrated T&L, but rumor has it that only the next version of Q3Test will include support for it. The lighting is so far mainly done by lighting maps rather than lighting calculations, but Q3 has a higher polygon count and depth complexity than the above games and it gives you the chance of using 32 bit color depth.

There isn't much to talk about here other than point out that the CPU has become the bottleneck even at this high resolution. The scores of all the difference GeForce flavors are nearly the same. We would like to mention that we've seen an Athlon coupled with a DDR board in this very same test break 100+ FPS.

Once again we see the DDR board show us why everyone should opt for the faster memory solution. Both boards gain from boosting the core and memory but it's obvious that having the DDR board with its superior memory performance is a huge jump in itself. The over-clocked GeForce DDR board almost doubles the score of the next fastest chipset, the TNT2 Ultra.