All Aboard! P4 with 200 MHz FSB and the i875P Dual DDR400 Chipset

875P/ Canterwood Chipset: Rambus, Adieu!

Block diagram of the 875P/ Canterwood chipset.

The new 875P/ Canterwood chipset for Dual DDR400 will replace the 850E/ Tehama (RDRAM) in the performance/ professional segment. With this move, Intel in fact parts ways with Rambus technology.

The price for the i875P chipset, including the ICH-R Southbridge (SATA RAID functionality), is $53. Motherboard manufacturers who want to save $3 can pay $50 for the variant without RAID on the ICH5 Southbridge.

In any case, Intel still wants to bring the Springdale-G chipset to the market this quarter. This chipset, with its slightly reduced set of features, should be less expensive. However, the Springdale will be equipped with 200 MHz FSB as well.

A screen shot from Windows XP: this is how the 875 chipset appears in the device manager panel.

Uwe Scheffel