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Add A Monitor Using USB: Sitecom's VGA Adapter

Test System

SystemToshiba SA50-543
ProcessorPentium M 715 - 1.5 GHz1 MB L2 Cache
MotherboardIntel 855 ChipsetBIOS V1.20 04/28/2004
Memory512 MB DDR/PC2700S, CL2.0(Elpida)
ControllerIntel 82801DBM UltraATAIntel 82801 On-Board USB2
Primary Graphics UnitIntel 82852 GM/E Shared
OSWindows XP Home 5.1.2600Service Pack 1
Drivers & Settings
Graphics Driver6.14.10.3722 (Intel)
IDE DriverIDE 5.1.2600.1106 (Microsoft)USB 5.1.2600.1243 (Microsoft)
Resolution1024x768, 16/32 Bit, 85 Hz

Quality Impressions

The adapter produces a crisp and flicker-free image, and its color quality is comparable to that of the primary output for both 16 bit and 32 bit color depths. This is in line with what we expected, since the maximum resolution is only 1024x768.

Display Speed In Windows

As soon as there is a lot of movement on the screen, however, the differences between the primary display and the USB-attached one become easy to identify. Depending on the intensity of the movement, pronounced discrepancies in the speed with which the screen refreshes can be perceived. This effect can be exacerbated by attaching additional USB devices.