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AMD FirePro V8700: High-End Workstation Graphics

Summary And Conclusions

After careful evaluation of the benchmark results, we conclude that the ATI FirePro V8700 is just a hair faster in several categories than its predecessor, the V8600.

Looking at the big picture level, we don't see any sweeping or major performance improvements from this new hardware. Nevertheless, this latest ATI offering makes a very good showing against the Quadro FX 5600, our previous performance champion. Given all of these observations, the pricing on this card makes it a very good deal for the money, even though a lot of money is involved. By way of comparison, the recently released Nvidia Quadro FX 5800 goes for an astounding $3,150, and the FX 5600 at $2,700 isn't exactly cheap either.

That's why we can recommend the ATI FirePro V8700 as an ideal product for demanding all-around graphics professionals, without any doubts or hesitation whatsoever.

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