Build a Windows Vista Upgrade Parachute

Seven Microsoft Tools For A Vista Upgrade

In a former life I was involved in plant research. When we switched from experimenting with runner beans to peas, I asked the professor of botany how I should germinate the new peas. "Read the instructions on the seed packet, Guy", he replied. It's in the seed company's interest to give the very best information to ensure your maximum success.

My point is that when you need to "germinate" Vista, check the instructions on Microsoft's site, because it's in their interest that you get the most out of Vista. I have to admit that there was only one page with seven instructions on how to grow those pea seeds, whereas there are 700 pages of instructions on how to get the most out Windows Vista. It is because of this "information overload" that I have decided to highlight some of Microsoft's best tools to help you with your Vista Upgrade.

  1. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor
  2. Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.0
  3. Windows Easy Transfer Wizard - Migrate all your XP settings to Vista [comes with Vista]
  4. Vista HCL (Hardware Compatibility List)
  5. Program Compatibility Assistant - Vista uses this to automatically detect and run old programs [comes with Vista]
  6. Microsoft Standard User Analyzer. What happens if you're not an administrator?
  7. Windows MarketPlace

The Windows MarketPlace logo

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

I'm not going to discuss in detail all of the tools mentioned above, but I do want to single out the Microsoft Vista Upgrade Advisor. This utility is essential, because it will scan your computer and create an easy-to-understand report, highlighting all known system, device and program compatibility issues. In fact, not only does it identify shortfalls, it also recommends ways to resolve them. The Upgrade Advisor can also help you choose the edition of Windows Vista that best fits the way you want to use your computer.

Note that there are other non-Microsoft upgrade checkers which work online. These do a reasonable job, and are certainly quicker, but I find that they give much less information.

  • Performing an upgrade to Vista is quite straight forward just follow the instructions here -
    Personally I dont think you really need any tools to install or upgrade to vista but whatever floats your boat.