Build a Windows Vista Upgrade Parachute

Vista Security

The key concept to keep in mind with all aspects of Vista is security. Microsoft has completely reordered its priorities and now security comes first. Easy-of-use, while important, has been relegated to second place.

Here are Microsoft's goals for Windows Vista security:

  1. Maintain a PC that is protected from malware such as viruses, spyware, worms and other unwanted software.
  2. Provide a safer online experience at home and at work.
  3. Help you understand when a PC is unsafe so you can make it safe again.

Just remember Guy's First Law of Security: "the more security you implement, the more work there will be for you."

One consequence of Vista's security is that upgrading will unearth problems in unexpected areas. For example, Vista supports TV content, but digital connections between TV content players and your Monitor require high-definition content protection (HDCP). Without HDCP, Vista will not play Blu-ray or HD-DVD disks over digital TV connections. Another problem concerns some older RAM chips: Vista randomly uses all areas of RAM, so faulty areas in RAM chips not evident in XP might cause Vista to hang. Microsoft bashers have a field day with such problems, but to me these problems are just the price you have to pay for greater security.

Hackers have had six years to pick holes in XP, so you cannot afford to delay upgrading to Windows Vista for too long. If you do, you are going to waste time dealing with malware and phishing problems that could easily be cured by moving to Vista.

You don't have to research Vista for long before you find alternative upgrade advice from cynics. For instance, hardened network managers may advise their bosses to wait until Microsoft releases SP1 for Vista, by which time users will have learned Vista at home, so they won't need to spend money on Vista training.

Guy's question to cynics: what does it feel like working at a company that uses XP compared with one that uses Vista?

  • Performing an upgrade to Vista is quite straight forward just follow the instructions here -
    Personally I dont think you really need any tools to install or upgrade to vista but whatever floats your boat.