Case Modding: Enlightening Lighting

Cooler Mate CMT-ALF-12S: Heavy Metal

The CMT-ALF-12S is proof that fans do not always have to be made out of plastic. In this model the blades are held within an aluminum frame, driving the fan’s weight up to a hefty 10 ounces (280) grams as opposed to the usual 3 ounces (90 grams.) Also, the LED light is directed towards the inside. Prices for the CMT-ALF-12S start at $19 ; with fan controls it can cost as much as $25.

Metal frame instead of plastic

Two typical 120mm fans with 4 LEDs :

At 1,200 RPM the Revoltec LED FAN is extremely quiet for $8

Sharkoon UV-sensitive : a system fan reactive to UV light for just under $9

Overview : Illuminated 120mm Fans

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ManufacturerModelRPMNo. of LEDsLED colorsSpecial aspect
AntecLED Fan20003blue / red / green
AntecLED Fan20003RGB
AntecTriCool LED1200 - 20003blue / red / greenSpeed switch
AntecTriCool LED1200 - 20003RGBSpeed switch
CoolermateCMT-ALF17004blueAluminum housing
Just CoolerCrystan FAN20004blue
Logisys120 mm Case Fan24004blue / red / green
RevoltecLED Fan12004red oder blue
SharkoonUV-LED Fan20003UV
SunbeamSilent Anodized12004blue / red / green / yellow
SunbeamSilent LED FAN12004blue / red / green / RGB
SunbeamSilent UV12004blue / green / orange
ThermaltakeThunderblade20003blue / red / green
ThypoonAcrylic Quad20004blue / red / green
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