Case Modding: Enlightening Lighting

Out Of The Ordinary: Case Chassis From Sunbeam

Lighting effects can be done differently, and don't always have to be inside the PC case. Now what do almost all cases rest upon? You got it - pedestal feet. That's just what Sunbeam was thinking about with its Case Chassis, where you either switch out your current PC case feet for four plastic parts or just add them on extra. Now the tower lights up from below, too. 2 Fast 2 Furious fans will love this effect. The Case Chassis fits without problem (according to the manufacturer) onto the following case types: Thermaltake, Chenming 601, Chenming DX, BX and Office series. The retail price is around $10, and the feet come in blue and red as well as green.

Now what is that?

4 pieces in all, one for each corner

Lighted pedestal feet - low-down lighting à la Need 4 Speed Underground

Also works with SFFs and looks cool to boot

Siggy Moersch